Rzeszow, Poland

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Why should you own a Ralph Gracie Academy ?

Our Family

The virtues of a warrior are some of the core values within are family that we pass down to our  RGA academies all over the world. We take pride on continuing the guidance of our families generational knowledge always looking for the best for our team , to be part of our team.  If you embody this culture daily, both on and off the mats your on your way to continue to produce unmatched global talent, businesses while strengthening our community.


RGA is fully committed to supporting every aspect of your Jiu-Jitsu journey. We always like to be at the forefront of anything inside and outside of the mats. We have been at the forefront of this community for many years and have a duty to our community and worldwide to continue to expand out programs making them more accessible and uphold all  our individual missions to contribute to our communities well being.  At RGA, our academies provide the following benefits: a global network of well over 500 academies worldwide, unparalleled support from our dedicated team, access to exclusive information and an array of resources not found in any other association. We are the largest Martial arts association in the world.


When thinking about starting your own Ralph Gracie Academy, please see some of the requirements to make it a true success:

- Minimum ~ $30K - $50K liquid capital or access to investors.
- Minimum a Purple Belt in  Jiu-Jitsu with coaching experience and love for teaching.
- A premises of a minimum of 2,500 sq. ft.
- A desire to be a part of and represent our culture and team.

If you have any questions about the above requirements, financing, academy costs, or teaching positions please fill out this form on starting an academy.

- We are always looking for good people and we understand that sometimes you just want to teach and not necessarily wanna open your gym alone, we encourage you to still apply as an instructor.